GMing From the Hip - A Norwescon 40 Live Recorded Panel

August 26, 2017

At long last the second installment of our three part Norwescon series!  Operating Systems were reinstalled, files were lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters, but here it is!  Special thanks to Chuck for the kick in the butt necessary to get this next episode published.  This panel is about GMing without a plan.  Join us and our fabulous panelists:


Veronica Hamilton




Nathan Crowder




Ogre Whiteside

Gave us no plugs


Put Your Phone Down! - A Norwescon 40 Live Recorded Panel

June 6, 2017

Greetings all!  Troy and I have returned from a grand adventure!  We went to Norwescon 40 in SeaTac, WA and recorded three panel discussions on three different gaming topics!  This is the first of the series and it's all about the ways technology interacts with our gaming group and our games.  Join us and our fabulous panelists: 

Donna Prior -
Twitter: @orcacon and @_Danicia_

Jeremy Zimmerman -
Web: and
Twitter: @bolthy

Dylan Templar -
Twitter: @GreenRoninPub


Superhero Games

April 9, 2017

Come on!  Who doesn't love a ridiculous amount of personal power?  But is great responsibility really a necessary component of the whole power deal?  I mean... we already know you can get responsibility a la carte...  In this episode Troy and Jacob don their skin-tight body suits and explore the Superhero genre of RPGs.  Shticks, team dynamics, game balance, system reviews, and amusing anecdotes.  This podcast is truly AMAZING!!



March 28, 2017

Maybe you don't have time for a regular game?  Or maybe you have a celebration coming up and would like to run a stand-alone game for it!  Get those old gamers together and have a game for old time's sake!  In this episode Troy and Jacob discuss that strange animal that is single serving games.  One-Shots!



February 26, 2017

Where are you?  What do you see around you?  Are you in a castle?  A bowling alley?  A dystopic future scape?  Where your characters find themselves is an important element to think about when planning to run a game.  Should you do some research on a specific historic period or will you be safe winging it?  Join Troy and Jacob as they outline their thoughts, opinions, personal biases, and issues with various game settings (as always with a healthy dose of goofballery)!


GM Tools

January 31, 2017

With the holidays behind us, the time has come to end our hiatus!  In this episode Jacob and Troy will be unpacking the idea of manipulating circumstances to achieve specific desired effects in your game.  Everything from story elements and NPCs to couches and communal dinners, as always, told with a healthy dose of advice and amusing gaming anecdotes!


Advice for Players

December 21, 2016

We talk a lot about the GameMaster in this podcast.  In this episode Troy and Jacob delve into thoughts on how to be a good Player.  Stories from old games, the good, the bad, the hilarious!  Join us for another installment of tabletop ramblings!


Horror Gaming!

December 5, 2016

So you're sitting in a comfortable room around a table with your friends.  Snacks, drinks, and dice at the ready.  Now the GM is supposed to convince you to be scared?  How does that even work?  Join Troy and Jacob as they give advice on how to scare players (without physical threats) and tell stories about their horror gaming experience!  Yes, we know Halloween is over.  For those of us who like the horror though, Halloween never truly goes away...


Character Generation. How to turn Players into PCs.

November 22, 2016

Now that we have our GM, our Players and our Game it is time to focus on the most important part of any good story.  It's time to make the main cast of Characters!  But how do you decide what to allow and what to restrict?  How powerful should the Characters be?  How does a good GM help their Players make a set of Characters that will play nicely together, without stifling creativity?  And once that's done, how do you roll (role?) the group of concepts together to make a delicious (and nutricious) gaming burrito?  Join Troy and I (Jacob) as we help you through this most delicate of times in a game's life: the beginning.


Game Building. You got your players and your dice. What next?

October 30, 2016

In our last episode we explored the fundamentals of moving into the GM's chair for the first time.  Now that you're there, what comes next?  How much effort do we put into writing plot?  How do we go about taking the real world into consideration when deciding what our group can and can't be expected to engage with?  Strap in and join Troy and me as we delve into game building for success!