Put Your Phone Down! - A Norwescon 40 Live Recorded Panel

June 6, 2017

Greetings all!  Troy and I have returned from a grand adventure!  We went to Norwescon 40 in SeaTac, WA and recorded three panel discussions on three different gaming topics!  This is the first of the series and it's all about the ways technology interacts with our gaming group and our games.  Join us and our fabulous panelists: 

Donna Prior -
Web: www.orcacon.org
Twitter: @orcacon and @_Danicia_

Jeremy Zimmerman -
Web: www.bolthy.com and www.madscientistjournal.org
Twitter: @bolthy

Dylan Templar -
Web: www.greenronin.com
Twitter: @GreenRoninPub


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